Natural Justice Story

Throughout his thirty-five-year business career, our founder created over thirty businesses as a serial entrepreneur. During the course of this time, he was damaged by others professionally and personally, and sought to obtain restitution by conventional litigation remedies; however, little did he know that he was walking into a legal system which did not operate as he believed.

Litigation can be a rollercoaster ride with twists and turns, ups and downs. Two things are certain however: high emotional and financial costs. Despite experiencing these, our founder saw no other option and continued to seek justice through these means. Unfortunately, whether you win or lose, the mercenary lawyers representing you and the court always win through their fee mechanisms.

If you have tried to obtain justice in our legal system, you may have had a similar experience. As a result of his experiences, our founder became determined to find a better solution for his cases and began to take matters on himself. He quickly learned how the legal system worked and actually managed to win some of his claims at a fraction of the cost.

Through the evolution of his research, he eventually discovered private administrative processes – contractual remedies based upon the foundation of natural justice: integrity, truth and honour.

These processes are available to everyone that wishes to seek private remedy to their grievances, outside of the legal system where the game is rigged against them and within this platform you can learn about how this is available to you.

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